The Top 25 Commissioning Giants earned $79 million more in 2022 than the previous year

Kennesaw, GA – June 01, 2023Rubicon Technical Services (RTS) today announced the company ranked #9 in the 2022 Commissioning Giants top 25 firms.

According to a report published in December 2022 by Consulting-Specifying Engineer, the average commissioning revenue earned by the 2022 Commissioning Giants was approximately 30.5%, a decrease from the previous year’s 33% of gross revenue. The top 25 commissioning firms earned a significant portion of their revenue from commissioning, with four firms generating 100% of their revenue solely from commissioning, including Rubicon Technical Services.

In 2022, the top 25 companies earned $730 million in commissioning revenue, a marked increase from the previous year’s $651 million. The majority (44%) of firms were consulting-engineering firms with a commissioning division, while about a quarter (24%) were commissioning-focused firms. Firm ownership type fell into four categories: public (32%), private (24%), employee-owned (24%), and limited liability company (20%).

The commissioning data reflected all levels of commissioning, including new buildings (47%), whole building (9%), emergency power systems (9%), existing buildings (7%), retro-commissioning (9%), building enclosure (envelope, 5%), monitoring-based (5%), fire protection systems (3%), recommissioning (3%), and communications systems (3%). On average, each reporting firm completed 320 commissioning projects in the previous reporting year, up from 282 projects in 2021.

The average percentage of commissioning revenue earned by these firms varied by building type, with data centers earning 40%, a significant increase from 27%, and hospitals/healthcare facilities earning 14%. Government or military facilities and office buildings both earned 12%.

As part of this study information related to the ranking firms’ challenges. COVID-19 concerns and issues, the top challenge, dropped to 32% from 64%, while the economy’s impact on the construction market dropped to 12% from 16%. Staffing, especially the quality of young commissioning professionals, tied for the No. 2 challenge at 12%.

We at RTS are thrilled to be included in this ranking alongside our peers. It is a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional service to our partners through our expert team of qualified engineers.

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Rubicon Technical Services provides a world-class team of commissioning experts from across the mission-critical industry, with the sole purpose of helping owners and operators meet their technical and operational goals. The RTS team focuses entirely on critical facilities infrastructure: data centers, call centers, telecom facilities, power plants, and healthcare facilities. Leveraging decades of firsthand electrical, mechanical, controls, and commissioning experience the RTS global team of professionals has quickly become a trusted resource in the mission-critical industry. For more information about Rubicon Technical Services, please visit

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