Control System Optimization

At Rubicon, we offer an all-encompassing approach to helping our clients get the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and productivity out of their building automation systems (BAS).

Our staff of mechanical professional engineers, commissioning engineers and technicians have decades of hands on experience designing, programming, installing, troubleshooting and commissioning BAS systems.

They have experience with a variety of vendors, and in such diverse facilities as data centers, call centers, medical research facilities, office buildings and central plants.

With Rubicon as part of your team, we’ll help optimize your BAS system through:

  • Development of a Custom Controls Strategy to ensure that the installed systems take into account the Owner’s intent for reliability, energy efficiency, operation and emergency response (manned or unmanned), standardization across sites, and future expansion.
  • Development of a Custom Controls Specification to provide a detailed, vendor-neutral specification document that serves the best interests of the Owner.
  • BAS Integration & Customization to avoid the “one size fits all” approach of many vendors, and to leverage and maximize the power of the system’s capabilities for trending, reporting, set-point analysis, and graphics.
  • Controls Specific Commissioning to provide a controls-centered approach to a quality control, testing and commissioning of the heartbeat of your facility.