Electrical Testing

Rubicon’s electrical testing programs are implemented and managed by highly qualified engineers and technicians, with training and certifications from recognized testing organizations. Our skilled staff has experience in testing equipment from a wide variety of facilities, from mission critical data centers to 500,000 volt utility and power plant applications. Our electrical testing services include:

  • Power quality verification
  • Infrared thermography
  • Ground system testing
  • RTS carries out QA/QC verifications to ensure the electrical installation is as per design and meets local/national wiring codes.

The high degree of technical and safety expertise we provide is maintained via a three-pronged approach. 

  • The continuing education of our technical staff.
  • The consistent use of the most recent available technology.
  • Adherence to a comprehensive documentation process that ensures all collected data is verified to the appropriate standard, specifications or manufacture’s requirements.

As a third-party testing entity, we provide an unbiased approach that can identify equipment issues while ensuring the accuracy and operational quality of the electrical equipment.