Root Cause Analysis

When a catastrophic facility event occurs, the initial focus is on the restoration of operations and services.  But once the smoke clears, that focus shifts to answering the questions of “how did this happen?” And “how do we prevent it from happening again?”

Rubicon provides root cause analysis (RCA) services that are grounded in our staff’s centuries worth of combined hands on experience in the testing, commissioning, troubleshooting and operations of critical facilities infrastructure.

Rubicon’s RCA services utilize a tried and true process for identifying the root cause of an event which includes an objective, methodical and well documented information gathering progression.

After completion of the investigation we work hand in hand with our clients to develop solutions that will mitigate the likelihood of another, similar event, and then provide verification the solution has been implemented properly.

Additionally, we can provide our clients training in the RCA process, quality control initiatives, and Probability of Failure & Risk Analysis.